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Drupal 6 Mobile Site Tutorial: Theme, Tools, Boost, Domain Access

Since more and more internet traffic is coming from mobile devices, it is now time to turn each of my Drupal 6 sites into a mobile site. The complicating factor here is that I use the Boost module to make my sites to load faster. Searching the internet, I found lots of article about the Mobile Tools module, mobile themes and the Domain Access module. I also found articles about the main “duplicate content” SEO problems with mobile sites and the solution with canonical URLs. 

Ultimate Drupal 6 Mobile Site Step-By-Step Tutorial

Before you go through this step-by-step tutorial for creating the ultimate Drupal 6 mobile site, make sure that you first read the introduction to this mobile site tutorial.

OK, here we go.

Post any questions, observed errors and possible improvements in the comments below.


We start with the beginning: creating the sub-domain m.example.com.


htaccess Lines for Single Drupal Site and Mobile Sub-Domain

Add the lines below to your htaccess file before the “Boost” section. You can find the same code in the .txt document that is attached to this page.

These lines are applicable for a single-site (non-multi-site) set-up and a mobile sub-domain.

Replace “example.com” with your domain name.

Make sure that you have read the introduction and step-by-step tutorial before adding these lines to your htaccess file.


htaccess Lines for Multi-site Drupal Sites with Mobile Sub-Domains

The beauty of the Drupal mobile site configuration for which you can read here the introduction and step-by-step tutorial is that it is almost directly applicable to a multi-site set-up.

I refer here to a multi-site configuration in which several sites/domains share the same Drupal code-base, while each site has its own database. Here I assume that you know how to create a multi-site installation that works well.

Drupal Domain Access Settings for Mobile Site

See here a screenshot for the Advance Settings of the Drupal Domain Access module.

This is part of the ultimate Drupal 6 mobile site solution and tutorial. Read here the introduction and find here the step-by-step tutorial.



Mobile Site advanced settings for Drupal Domain Access module




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