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Top 6 Internet Businesses for 2012 and Beyond | Internet Business

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Internet Business

Top 6 Internet Businesses for 2012 and Beyond

Top internet business for success


Is there money in the internet business? Internet business is becoming rampant nowadays. With the boom of technology, it is not impossible to make money in the internet. With the right information and knowledge, you can rip what you sow in just a quarter of operations.

Although, internet business has gained popularity for years now, there are still some who are adamant to engage in one. Actually internet business is just like any traditional businesses in the world where pros and cons are present, but if you start it right, you sure are on your way to making money.

This article will show you how to start a good internet business. With over 300, 000 available Work from Home Business, you get overwhelmed on which one is good, which one suits you or which one interests you. We have listed the top 6 most in demand internet businesses for 2012.


1. Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing has ruled the internet business for years now and has continued to do so. It is promoting other company’s products and services on your website.
How you earn: You get a commission every time a sale is made on the ads you have posted.


2. Blogging as Internet business


Blogging has proven its power and dependability in promoting businesses and brands online. Blogs are a series of chronological posts displayed on your own blog or other people’s blogs. Blogs can vary from journals, articles, newsletters, or reviews and may cover diverse from health, family, product reviews, events, programs, etc.

How you earn: Blogs can be used to sell and advertise virtual and physical products, advertise services, promote programs and networks. Since affiliate marketing can be incorporated in blogging, you can also earn similarly as you earn in AM.

  • Skills needed: social networking, affiliate marketing, interesting and intelligent posts.
  • Most popular method to blog - Google AdSense


3. Website Design


Web design is the creation of a web page to make it interesting to viewers and readers.
It is foreseen that more and more companies will create websites to promote their online presence and increase their customer scale. Thus, services of website developers will be more than in demand today.

  • How you earn: You get paid for your services, whether on a fixed rate or hourly agreement.
  • Skills needed: Web design and development


4. Website Flipping


Website Flipping is the online version of real property buy and sell where you create and develop websites and later sell them at a hefty amount. If you are already a website designer, you can later shift to website flipping as the advantage is yours because you already have the knowledge and skills.

How you earn: You buy a website, develop and enhance it, then later sell the website double than the amount you paid for since you already enhanced and developed it. More online entrepreneurs invest in online properties and if they see your website as a potential addition to their market, they will buy it. It is seen that website flipping will be one of the most in-demand internet business in 2012.

  • Skills Needed: Website development, marketing strategies
  • Most known auction in buying websites - Flippa.com


5. Freelance Services


Freelance servicing is providing service such as article writing, administrative support, customer support, and programming to your virtual employers.
How you earn: Freelancing is usually billed hourly where an hour worked is an hour billed, an hour billed is an hour paid.

  • Skills needed: Specific knowledge ranging from customer support, VA, data entry, writing, web design
  • Best choice to join: Odesk.com


6. Applications Web Developer


Apps Web Developer design, analyze and test applications of websites. Facebook is continuously finding ways to improve its already advanced features and applications. Thus, FB needs more apps developer to attract more customers to join this most loved social networking site.

  • How you earn: You get paid for your services
  • Skills Needed: Markup languages: CSS, HTML,
  • Server languages: ASP.NET, Ruby


For starters, don’t expect a full blown income because one business does not fit all. If freelance servicing made someone else rich in just 2 years, it doesn’t mean it will make you too.


Before you leap into any online business, do your homework; research and read a lot. Find out which top internet business opportunity suits your time, your skills, your interests and your budget.


This is a guest post about top internet businesses by Karina Taguiang-Yonson.


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