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Trying to get Youtube video working in a Drupal site

How to show a Youtube video in your Drupal website

This is what I have tried to do it as simple as possible.


1) The first try is just to paste the embedded link from Youtube:

That does not show the video in my site.


2) Second try is to create a link with some anchor text.

Video Link

That is just giving the same result. Not what I want.


3) Now I have copied with a right-click on the Youtube video the embedded HTML code. Before I just used the link.


How to integrate with Paypal and allow for credit card payments with Website Payments Standard

To be able to sell something on your website you need to be able to charge your customers and get paid. How do you do that and why did I chose Paypal Website Payments Standard?

I have decided to go for the easy way and start with using Paypal, and specifically their service "Website Payments Standard".

Why? Four reasons:


  1. No fixed monthly fees, thus less risk if sales are low
  2. Trusted company
  3. Can offer your customers two ways of payment: Paypal or Credit Card
  4. Its integration has been prepared and tested with Drupal's shopping cart module "Ubercart"


Showing tweets in our Drupal site

The module "Twitter" allows you to integrate Twitter with your Drupal site.

Together with this site there is a Twitter account:

New blog entries to the site are automatically published on Twitter.

With two standard blogs that come with the Drupal Twitter module, we can show the tweets from our users who have registered their twitter account in this site.

There is also an "All Tweets" block.

Who knows the difference between the two blocks and can exactly describe what each block shows?

What else could I have done with these related URLs for my Drupal site

Even the best Drupal site need traffic. It would be terrible if you put a lot of effort in building a good site and some brandname and someone else would benefit from that and "steals" some of your traffic.

One of my sites is . As you can see it uses the .com extension. I also bought now the .org and .net UR's with the same name. The main reason for that is that I did not want anybody else to start a site with a very comparable name.

Start with a new multi site

Today is a new start. My bunch of drupal multisites have been upgraded to the latest core revision. Modules that were out of date with certain security issues have been updated as well. And a number of new sites have been added to my drupal multi site installation.

It was quite a work. Main issue was to add the new databases for the new sites. It eventually only worked when I included the correct name of the local host in the Drupal installation script.

But note that I am very enthusiastic about the Drupal multi site functionality. It works great and it saves a lot of time when you need to update modules and Drupal core. The key issue is just remembering how you did this before.

So, just to remember, some steps I had to take:


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