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htaccess Lines for Multi-site Drupal Sites with Mobile Sub-Domains

The beauty of the Drupal mobile site configuration for which you can read here the introduction and step-by-step tutorial is that it is almost directly applicable to a multi-site set-up.

I refer here to a multi-site configuration in which several sites/domains share the same Drupal code-base, while each site has its own database. Here I assume that you know how to create a multi-site installation that works well.

Drupal Domain Access Settings for Mobile Site

See here a screenshot for the Advance Settings of the Drupal Domain Access module.

This is part of the ultimate Drupal 6 mobile site solution and tutorial. Read here the introduction and find here the step-by-step tutorial.



Mobile Site advanced settings for Drupal Domain Access module




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Facebook Twitter Blog Integration: How to get the best from Social Media

 Facebook Twitter Blog Integration: how to get the best from Social Media

 <You can download the picture at the bottom of this blog post.>

The diagram above shows how I have set up the flow between my blog, Twitter, Facebook and Yahoo.

SEO Tools for Checking BackLinks: how many different domains link to your site

Backlinks is an important element of any SEO strategy. How do you check how many backlinks you have. And how do you see how many different domains link to your site?

You can use the available services from for example Yahoo!. But the problem I see is that you cannot see easily from how many different domains you get backlinks.

The best tool I have found for this is:


I believe you can use it only once per 5 days or so to check the same domain, but that is fine.

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